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        Guizhou Yingjier Machine Manufacture Co, Ltd is a private enterprise, specializing in manufacturing engine cylinder head of motor vehicles. Yingjier currently employs 150 people, including 20 senior technicians with strong abilities to develop and produce most kinds of cylinder head in the marketplace.

        During the last few years, Yingjier has been dedicated to improve its producing techniques and product variety. With a passionate commitment to the finest products, our production line has already achieved full digital processing. For the casting process, we use resin bonded-sand modeling and coated- sand hot core technology to ensure the final product quality. Yingjier has gained a reputation of using fast, creative and precise methods to make and deliver the products in time.

        With such fast development.Yingjier is becoming a strong and confident competitor in the Automobile Spare Part Industry. Today, Yingjier’s products continuously surpass the expectation of its customers around the world.

        Yingjier will constantly pursuit the perfection of quality and creativity. We expect to establish long-term relationships with our both current and future clients. We believe that maximizing our each client’s satisfaction should always be Yingier’s ultimate goal in the future.