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In guizhou, the gill machinery manufacturing co., LTD

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The guizhou Jill machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is mainly engaged in production and machining, casting and mainly auto parts (cylinder head), hydraulic parts, casting is complementary. New product exploitation, production and new technology development and application of new technology for the integration of science, industry and trade enterprises.
Company currently has 150 employees, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 20 people, with independent research and development ability. And cooperation with domestic famous research institutes and colleges and universities, as product development and testing test unit. In the acute and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.
In December 2006, the company was rated as "high-tech enterprise"; In 2006 was rated as advanced technological upgrading of guiyang city people's government units. In October 2007, our company won the ministry of science and technology of national innovation fund project, in December 2007 the company passed the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification, and access to the national ministry of science and technology innovation fund support. In 2007 our company was rated as excellent technical transformation of the people's government of guiyang third prize. 2007-2010 annual average is chengdu engine (group) co., LTD. Rated as excellent supporting enterprise "" chengdu engine group, in 2009 the company won three utility model patents, in 2009 in guizhou province department of science and technology project achievement appraisal certificate, in 2009 was rated as advanced units, technical transformation of guiyang city people's government and industrial economic development efficiency growth units, in 2009 won the national guiyang economic and technological development zone (river) target management advanced enterprise second prize, in 2010 we declare the two casting invention patent, at present the country has been accepted. In 2010 was rated as "high-tech enterprise", at the same time, then again to obtain the ministry of science and technology of national innovation fund project. Company's overall strength one year a step.
Over the past few years, the company constantly updated of the technological reform of management system and perfect, increasingly perfect technology means, fully digital processing product realization. Casting mainly resin sand molding and peritoneal sand hot core technology is given priority to, product quality has been effectively guaranteed. Especially in the development of new products, my company has a unique, efficient, scientific and accurate method, can in a timely manner for product development, production to the market.
Perfect management system, advanced processing means and reliable quality assurance. Currently in chengdu engine (group) co., LTD. Production of 4 jb1 engine cylinder cover supporting work, the rest of the products are exported to all over the world, mainly in North America, the Middle East and southeast Asia; Casting the main hydraulic supporting the listed company force source.
Company to "innovation as the root, quality for this, honesty, service to the purport" as the goal of enterprise development, dedicated to the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our province to make due contributions.


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