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Machinery manufacturing industry faces four big trouble

Number of visits: Date:Apr 24,2015

Although the age of the Internet e-commerce are flawed, machinery manufacturing industry is still one of the major pillar industry in our country, and in the future for a long time, the development of mechanics is closely related with GDP, road repair, or real estate, even if the bubble economy transformation in the future, and become the subject of economic entities manufacturing machinery still hot is the source of economic growth. Here refers to the mechanical manufacturing industry include: engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, instrumentation, petrochemical general, heavy mining, machine tools, electrical appliances, food packaging, auto parts and other industries.
Face a few problems:
1. The rising raw material costs
Because of the country's economic environment continues to tighten, iron ore prices boost steel prices how zhang, machinery manufacturing enterprise cost increases, and then affect the profits of the enterprise.
2. After the revolution of modern science and technology of new challenges
Big changes in mechanical manufacturing, has realized the multinational cooperation, technology promotion. New technology and new products like have rapid development, so the manufacturer the quality and function of the difference is no longer a product comparison. More important is how to comb customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve the enterprise service.
3. The traditional management idea
By controlling the cost low price sales strategy, are no longer competitive.
4. The limitations of ERP
In domestic large department of machinery manufacturing enterprise customers is the agents, distributors, and partners give priority to, because do not directly in front of the end customer product, is the lack of channels of communication with customers. So the market response is slow, lack of deep understanding of customers, this is also a lot of machinery manufacturing enterprise to use ERP couldn't do.

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