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CRM system power machinery manufacturing industry transformation

Number of visits: Date:Apr 24,2015

And "take the customer as the center" of the tools of CRM software, to improve enterprise internal work aspect, the traditional industry, in particular, XTools CRM is very trustworthy software service providers in China. The core values of the software is in charge of all integrated enterprise resources, improve the management level, make enterprise internal collaboration consistency, covering the enterprise each link, products, sales, services, capital, etc., to strengthen the enterprise vitality, improved profitability.
1. The mechanical manufacturing industry especially need to pay attention to the relationship marketing theory
Marketing environment, the traditional industry has to acknowledge the importance of the network, customers, suppliers, distributors, enterprises and institutions, etc., strengthen mutually beneficial exchange relationship, be friends first, then do business. The first master information of customer communication is the basis of establishing good cooperation way. Information feedback is not only to do it in a timely manner, and to make the collective response of the whole enterprise. XTools CRM users are adhering to the concept of word of mouth marketing, on the basis of the software for enterprises to establish an effective one to one marketing.
2. Use big data improves mechanical manufacturing marketing ability
Due to mechanical manufacturing of traditional personality, lack of Internet, thinking nature analysis of customer data, or too closed to share information, in order to isolate to lost the value of the underlying security. Traditional industry more should pay attention to the customer master data, anytime, anywhere to the client's hobbies and interests, analyzes the personalized needs of customers. Increase satisfaction, and according to the data analysis results, timely adjustment of marketing strategy. XTools CRM big data through integration of dimensional analysis, is presented to managers is not only the data itself, but also the thickness data of in-depth business flow, the customer itself.
3. A highly integrated enterprise internal communication
Corporations cannot be a deeper understanding of the customer, because even a direct way, managers are hard to understand the needs of customers in the first line. A line of business personnel communication records without access to become one of the machinery enterprise management pain points. And XTools collection letter function is the channel of communication between enterprise and the customer, including telephone contact, texting, E-mail communication such as a full range of communication channels and effective management.
4. The refining process, the documentary phase tracking for a long period of time
XTools CRM unified view of customer management, integrate the scattered customer information, sales of long-term documentary process, strict management, such as project sales forecasts, phase tracking, etc. Through the action of customer tracking record description, to strengthen the work of standardization, procedural system. Promote the collaboration of all departments. Especially for collaboration and configuration, and field salesman fast order response, etc. CRM is a business strategy, it according to the customer within the industry organization enterprise resources effectively, cultivate the refining business process.

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