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In 2015 China's manufacturing industry is facing multiple crises

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"The Chinese economy will be into the great depression in 2015." Economists lang in almond altar "manufacturing" era of rich campus held new thinking - 2015 lang economic lecture, to hundreds of shunde entrepreneurs made the anticipation.
Lang said in his speech, the Chinese government for the realization of the financial crisis in 2008 several big "prescription" appeared mistake, is the root cause of the economic depression. In addition, the debt burden of local government, will be in the future for a long time to bring the potential crisis.
He predicted that in 2015 China's manufacturing industry is facing a few heavy crisis, including the heavy taxes and fees, rising labor costs, such as the appreciation of the renminbi, but more importantly overcapacity in the crisis, "white electric excess 48%, black electric excess 72%, engineering machinery and chemical industry excess 50%... manufacturing industry will face a long-term excess".
How to solve the manufacturing crisis? Lang said, manufacturing the only way out is to be the efficient integration of "6 + 1" industry chain as long as do, natural environment to break out of the great depression, the difference with competitors. The so-called "6 + 1" is "in addition to manufacturing, enterprise to integrate product design, raw material procurement, logistics, transportation, order processing, wholesale business, retail terminal and so on six big link, to reduce costs through efficient integration."
"Under the situation of excess production capacity, shunde manufacturing enterprise should go?" An shunde mechanical equipment entrepreneur asked. Lang, now a surplus of machinery and equipment products in the world, but the upcoming a policy that facilitate the export of machinery and equipment, this is a rare opportunity. "This would work, machinery and equipment companies can consider" cash is king, compression investment, smaller '".
In the next five to ten years, the direction of the shunde manufacturing? Lang gives three directions: entertainment, o2o, good and cheap consumer goods. Shunde manufacturing, meanwhile, should pay attention to the information differentiation ", namely to master more information than rivals, "in the era of the great depression, the call for the next generation of enterprise with information differentiation".
On the current investment, too much lang did not give specific advice. But he argued that people care about most real estate will be like clothes, shoes, into the normalized. Clothes, he says, excess production capacity by 500%, but as long as someone will buy high quality and fashion style. "Real estate this year will enter a state of such a".


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